Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Perfect House DVD Contest

Before anyone freaks out don't worry that Advertisement won't be up there long. I'm just going to run it through the three to four weeks of contest that I'm having and it's basically there for those of you who are interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD if you don't win one of the three free copies I have to give away.

Speaking of which, as of this moment no one has yet to enter, which is not good. You still got a good five days to enter and as I said at this moment even if you recommended me Insidious your chances of winning are awesome with the overall lack of participation in this contest.

To refresh your memory here's the contest:

~ Recommend me an Obscure Haunted House film for my TD reviews
~ Leave your film in the comment section
~ One film per person
~ Don't have to be a follower on my blog to enter
~ The contest ends Monday July 23rd

The contest is easy. Maybe some of the hesitation is that I'm giving away an Independent film that none of you have seen. While I don't have review right at this moment (it's coming) the two I've seen on IMDB tell you to see it, as well as the review on, which of course isn't past mentioning is flaws but encourages you to support indie filmmakers. And in this case you don't even have to do can support them for free.

Remember you may contact me at if you have any questions or want to submit your film recommendation that way it works too. You may also do it on twitter account.


Ronald Oliver said...

I highly recommend checking out 'Something Evil' (1972): this was one of Spielberg’s first forays into directing. It's Pennsylvania Dutch haunting in a farmhouse type of movie. It stars Sandy Dennis and Darren McGavin.

Thanks for having the contest!

Ronald O.


Alex said...

I recommend The Horror Show (AKA House 3) its not as bad as people say. ALmost no one has seen it.

alex (at) theskeletoncrewshow (dot) com

Bleeding Dead said...

Thanks for the entries guys, the contest winner is in the post link below. As well as details for my second contest for those who didn't win and still want a DVD.