Friday, September 27, 2013

Press Release: Crawl or Die (Crawl Bitch Crawl) Free Theatrical Screening One Night Only

You are invited to attend A ONE NIGHT ONLY FREE EVENT of the:


WHAT: Domestic Title: CRAWL OR DIE International Title: CRAWL BITCH CRAWL Sci-Fi Thriller/Horror Film Theatrical Screening
WHEN: Thursday October 24, 2013 at 8:00pm PDT
WHERE: Arclight Hollywood Theater 6360 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
COST: Free
SEATING IS LIMITED! Sign up fast - seats will go quickly.




PARKING: There is an ample parking structure attached to the theater off of Ivar Ave (If you are headed east on Sunset Blvd., you'll make a right onto Ivar Ave (pass Tower Records) - the parking structure will be on your left). If you park in this structure, your parking will be validated and cost $4.00. Otherwise, there is metered street parking available.
DEATILS: This is a one night only, special screening event for the claustrophobic indie horror/thriller film CRAWL OR DIE (Internationally titled CRAWL BITCH CRAWL).
This event is open to critics and fans alike to join us and celebrate the first theatrical screening of the film.
The film will begin promptly at 8:00pm PDT with a brief introduction by Director Oklahoma Ward and Actor Nicole Alonso. Following the screening - there will be a 30 minute Q&A with Writer/Director Oklahoma Ward and Lead Actor Nicole Alonso.
SWAG: For a $20.00 donation - you can get a LIMITED EDITION poster after the screening signed by the Writer/Director Oklahoma Ward and Lead Actor Nicole Alonso. Cash only(No change will be available)! There will be a limited number of posters - once they are gone - that's it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Press Release: "Welcome To Nowhere" Streaming for Free


Exclusive online premiere is available from September 17 through October 18 on Kentucker Audley’s recently expanded indie film streaming site

New York, September 17, 2013 - will be presenting the online streaming premiere of the award-winning film Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) from Tuesday, September 17 until October 18. A surrealistic and dreamlike new take on the classic American road story, this experimental film follows the overlapping encounters of five strangers as they struggle to exist in the American desert.

Part live-action, part motion-graphics animation, Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) is a fractured, genre-bending road movie inspired by the gritty road films of the 1960’s and 70’s. In a series of warped, image-driven episodes, the fractured narrative revolves around a poet, a hitchhiker and three motel rooms doomed to violence and perversity.

Directed, Photographed and Edited by filmmaker and video artist William Cusick, whose work has been called “mind-blowing” by Jason Zinoman of the New York Times, the film indelibly imprints unique and stunning moments throughout its brief but intense 55 minutes.

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) premiered at the LES* Film Festival in 2012, received the Founder’s Choice Award at the Queens World Film Festival in 2013, Best Supporting Actress (Cara Francis) at the 2012 Dreamland International Film Festival, and was an official selection of the 2012 PollyGrind Festival, 2013 Cinetarium Festival and the 2013 Scare-A-Con Festival. The film was featured in the inaugural issue of Chance Magazine, the most innovative art magazine about American theater designers ever published.

No Budge covers the world of true indie films. It was started in February 2011 by filmmaker Kentucker Audley to premiere and compile true indie films. Free + no ads + no piracy. It has been called “innovative” (Filmmaker Magazine) and “indispensable” (GreenCine).

“Audley’s fierce devotion to truly independent American cinema is vital. His commitment to treating the micro-budget form with the utmost seriousness is needed now more than ever.”
- Michael Tully, Paste Magazine

Friday, September 13, 2013

Press Release: FEARtober: 31 Days of Treats


(SANTA MONICA, CA – SEPTEMBER 10, 2013) – FEARnet is taking over the Halloween scene this October, with “FEARtober: 31 Days of Treats,” serving up 31 days of movies, short films, exclusive downloadable content, polls, and prizes, highlighted by the fan-favorite 24-hour TRICK ‘R TREAT Marathon on Thursday, October 31.

Putting a unique twist on holiday traditions, FEARnet has created an online advent calendar detailing the multitude of offerings fans can enjoy as they count down to Halloween. Throughout the month, fans will be able to head to for Halloween polls, free themed movies, and downloadable content featuring TRICK ‘R TREAT and TALES FROM THE CRYPT-themed pumpkin carving stencils, as well as e-cards and paper dolls depicting TRICK ‘R TREAT’s iconic pint-sized mascot, Sam. The website will also be streaming a variety of short films, including a series of shorts made exclusively for FEARnet by TRICK ‘R TREAT creator Michael Dougherty, illustrating the rules of Halloween, and the gruesome consequences that await those who choose to ignore them.
Additionally, with the Free Stuff FEARtober Sweepstakes, fans will be able to enter for a chance to win daily giveaways, with prizes such as DVDs of TALES FROM THE CRYPT (Oct. 2), the FRIDAY THE 13th Collection (Oct. 13), and the SAW Box Set (Oct. 26); GEARS OF WAR 3 and BIOSHOCK videogames (Oct. 24); a special TRICK ‘R TREAT giveaway (Oct. 31); and much more! There will also be a “Day of the Dead” Sweepstakes from Tuesday, Oct. 1 to Monday, Nov. 4, with a loaded prize pack featuring a 40” LED EX620 Smart TV and a Bloggie Touch Camera.

On FEARnet’s linear channel, viewers will be able to enjoy a crop of genre hits to get them into the Halloween spirit. Featured films include the beloved ‘80s classic THE MONSTER SQUAD (Oct. 6), as a group of preteens must save their town—and the world—from a team of horror’s greatest villains; the found-footage shocker THE LAST EXORCISM (Oct. 16), about a fraudulent preacher who finds the Devil in the details; DETENTION, starring Dane Cook and Josh Hutcherson, a genre-bender that mixes high school drama with slasher flick thrills and time travel; the supernatural smash, INSIDIOUS, about parents (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) whose son is trapped in the realm of the dead known as “The Further”; and TRICK ‘R TREAT (Oct. 31), the acclaimed anthology series where killers, ghouls, and werewolves converge for Halloween night mischief.

About FEARnet
FEARnet is a multi-platform programming service delivering original and acquired horror, thriller and suspense content as a cable TV movie network, a video-on-demand outlet and web portal.  FEARnet, a partnership among Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate Entertainment and Comcast Corporation, features a robust lineup of popular titles from major film studios and independents, encompassing 300 plus movie titles a year, including 14 world television and 22 theatrical broadcast premieres. The Network is distributed to U.S. cable subscribers across the country on various systems and is often ranked as the number-one free HD VOD movie service available in more than 27 million homes. The website,, ranks as one of the most popular sites in the genre category among total uniques and duration per visit. Follow FEARnet on Facebook and Twitter (@FEARnet). For more information about the company, visit To access photos visit FEARnetPR on flickr.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Horror Short: Ave Maria (2013)

Written and directed by Skip Shea
Staring Aurora Gabrill & David Graziano
Director of Photography Nolan Yee

A clergy man abides his sentence from three women in the woods, as a recording of Ave Maria drowns his screams. Skip Shea's Ave Maria is an eloquent twine of gore, music, and enacted karma. It's a pair to Shea's acclaimed Microcinema and in that the two are both lovely masterpieces that speak of violence in our society. There's no dialogue, the six minute run time a symphony of music and constructed torture. Shea as a director understands the appropriation of blood in a film and doesn't opt to show more than necessary. Though he is guilty we are never witnesses to the clergy man's crimes as Shea trusts the audience to display the revenge first and unveil the fulsome truth later. 

Aurora Gabrill returns as Missy, the white masked crusader of justice, whom is our anti-heroine, if you so will. Gabrill again plays a brave part in an unconventional female character in cinema, horror and non alike. Cinematography speaks for itself as it's balefully set in midst of the woods, the beautiful view of nature to timid the cringing horror. It will make a few squeal in its single act of violence but is a simple, beautiful piece to add to a collection of interesting works. In tradition of his works Ave Maria will not be for everyone as the religious text and the film's bizarre approach will off-put some, but for a horror aficionado it rings unique and gorgeous, leaving enough for the viewers imagination but volunteering enough visually to leave you averse and fascinated. Ave Maria is a lovely edition from the director that I suggest is best watched as a double feature to its more masculine counter Microcinema. However the feminine side of this story stands on its own and must be seen regardless if you liked the prior.

Ave Maria will be making its way around film festivals so watch for it. You can follow the director and its star on twitter for updates.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Horror Short: Somebody to Love (2013)

Written by Mark A.C. Brown
Directed by Phil Haine
Starring Alex Hughes and Natasha Staples
Director of Photography Tom Seal

Love has found Sebastian, it just wasn't the love he was expecting. A doleful, albeit unsettling, tale about a necrophiliacs failed marriage to his dead bride is both interesting and unnerving in its unusual portrait of the broken heart. Somebody to Love takes a horror body but has a romantic soul with its introspective on a human's instinct to love but how often that proves more difficult than none, as our expectations rarely align with reality. The eleven minute short is of the quieter side of horror and doesn't use any common staples of the genre. It plays out more as a drama as it shows us a life between Sebastian and his bride similar to any other marriage. The exception is Sebastian's growing unhappiness in his new life and that none of it is real. The presence of fear lies in Sebastian's actions that appear loving and normal at the exterior but are all lined with the concept that his retrieved bride is dead for the entire length of their marriage, and therefore every thing is in actuality really creepy. The happy life is the shadow that masks the true nature of Sebastian and his world.

The script is solid with a dialogue that sounds appropriate to the content and subject of the short. And directing in likes to that is strong overall. Alex Hughes as Sebastian is played well as his character is often loving and disturbed at the same time, Hughes seamlessly blends the two characteristics with ease. Though Hughes may be the lead the show is stolen by Natasha Staples who plays the wifey part all too well. She's both lovely and forceful in her right as his newlywed bride and commands most of the screen with her performance. Together both have chemistry and despite that they look like a Twilight Zone couple they respond off each other well and it ultimately comes off as convincing. The cinematography and music are both favorable assests to the film as they capture the tone perfectly. Between the angelic lighting on un-dead Cassandra to the weird techno score that plays as the two are with each other intimately for the first time it keeps up with every pace of the script. I have a partiality to genre films that tell real issue stories through horror and that's what Somebody to Love is. There's a feeling of dejection as most of us are all too familiar with the misguided love; the film comes to terms and coopes with this by telling a love story about a man who finds unhappiness even in his most dark and twisted fantasies. I fully recommend Somebody to Love as it's a fantastic short with a warped heart.

Somebody to Love is making its way around film festivals but if you'd like to watch it you can contact BraineHownd Films on their facebook, twitter, or at their site.