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Obscure Horror Film Contest Winner

INSERT: If you don't care for my justification and would like to skip my ramblings which are longer than any of my reviews I'd recommend scrolling down right before the the picture of The Perfect House DVD to see the winner. Who's name and winning film is in bold. 

I was apprehensive towards participating in this DVD giveaway because I honestly didn't believe that anyone would enter. That was basically a truth come Tuesday when the contest had been up for twenty four hours and not a single pending comment waiting for me. However, with the biggest help from a few twitter people and one of my favorite filmmaker friends, Skip Shea, I was able to get the contest out. Mostly though I feel a lot of people found it from which is an amazing site every blogger/horror fan needs to follow as it gives you updates on all scales of horror. In films, books, contests, and blogs.

When I started the contest I didn't put much thought into how I was going to judge this by obscurity as I mean it could be different things to different people. To avoid controversy over the word were going to use the fourth definition from the online dictionary which says that Obscure means relatively unknown. Fair enough? It dividends into how obscure this is. This process is also absurdly difficult for only four films but how else can I make it fair? Basically there's four categories of how Obscure a film is and I rate them based on the information I get via IMDB and maybe Wikipedia, but I don't trust that latter all too much.

First Level - Casual Movie Obscure
This applies to everyone and there moms. The normal average movie goer who sees the big films in theaters and watches the mindless spew, horror or non. In this category most any slightly unknown or not-nominated-for-a-Oscar-Indie film would be considered 'obscure'. People who consider Trick 'r Treat Obscure.

Second Level - Casual Horror Obscure
This is for the very casual fans who's filmography has expanded about as far as Halloween and anything they watch as of recently. Those who like the genre but are not heavy addicts. They've seen the Final Destination films and all the big name slashers back in the day but probably haven't seen Maniac, which would register as Obscure to them.

Third Level - Genre Lover Obscure
This applies to genre lovers like myself but those who are still knee deep in obscure film watching. They've seen Cannibal Holocaust and a few seventies exploitation flicks like Blood Splattered Bride. They also watch foreign films but their list is still fairly low. They likely have heard of a lot of weird films but haven't seen them all. It takes a bit more effort to find an Obscure film for them to watch but not impossible.

Fourth Level - Tarantino Obscure
This is for the avid Obscure horror film watchers who seek out Obscure horror on a daily basis. They go into those weird shops that sell VHS and Records and the guy behind the counter kind of looks like the guy from Titanic in the smiley face shirt. They're knowledge is endless like Tarantino's and they've seen the shit that is too grotesque for the most normal psyche. Basically the only thing they haven't seen is a few illegal films that they are trying to get their hands on and anything short of a snuff film. This is the obscurity that's likely too difficult for me to even reference a film.

The Stone Tape (1972)

~The film cannot be found on Netflix, at all.
~ UK based film
~ Made for TV British Horror film
~ Full wikipedia page

Rating: Third Level Obscure, the film seems fairly unknown for the most part but has had a lot of positive reception to those who've seen it. It's not available on Netflix and there's no one I recognized in the film. However the Wikipedia page has an entire category that discusses it's cultural significance which makes me hesitant whether it's actually a little known cult favorite. Really good recommendation and a definite competitor.

The Sentinel (1977)

~ I've heard of this before.
~ Chris Sarandon, Burgess Meredith, Ava Gardener, and John Carradine are second level and third level recognizable names.
~ Christopher Walken
~ #46 on Bravo's Scariest Movie Moments

Rating: Second Level Obscure, mostly because as I have heard of it before and so have a lot of horror fans that I know of. Not a bad recommendation though and a interesting movie that I can watch on Netflix.

The Horror Show aka House III (1989)

~ Available on Netflix
~ Lance Henriksen, an obscure horror film actor of some sort but not an obscure actor, or we could just say that he likes to star in really bad horror films that never get a following because they suck. But not back then so I believe it's invalid.
~ Movies that go by two names are always a good thing
~ Sean S. Cunningham is a producer
~ Also known as La Casa 7, making it an Evil Dead sequel
~  Not officially part of the House series as it has no plot relation to the prior two films

Rating: Third Level Obscure, I wasn't sure about this one as I've passed House III so many times on Netflix Instant Watch that it clouds my judgement of whether it's widely known or not. The bigger horror names behind it make me weary of such a rating but the three different names and tie ins to two franchises that have nothing to do with the film itself always suggest a low budget shove under the rug film. I'd say it's a fair enough genre lover obscure but only just barely makes it.

Something Evil (1972)

~ Little known Steven Spielberg directed horror film
~ No Netflix
~ Made for TV
~ Can't buy it on Amazon

Rating: Third Level Obscure, this one was pretty clear as there really isn't much on the film. Spielberg as a director makes me question the film's obscurity but with a IMDB and Wikipedia page so small it really does make me wonder how many people have seen it. Often when talking about Spielberg's horror films the references are Jaws, Duel, and Jurassic Park. But with a 5.8 rating on IMDB it may not be because little know of it, but rather because it's not good and not referenced for that matter. I may be over-analyzing this, but still something to think about.

The reasoning as to why Something Evil and The Stone Tape aren't on Netflix might be because they are made for TV films but still, they give off a more positive feeling in being obscure based on the limitations in being able to see them than the other two recommendations. But the fact you can't even buy Something Evil on amazon makes it seem rather obscure, that I may have to resort to a VHS copy on Ebay just to watch the film. Never mind that, I just looked and I can't even buy it on Ebay. I'm torn between the two. The Stone Tape feels the furthest away from anything I've ever heard of but why haven't I heard of Spielberg's early horror film, and is it even possible to watch? This is giving me a headache.

But I have to pick a winner...

I'm giving it to Ronald Oliver who recommend Something Evil.

This was really hard and if I hadn't of already promised two DVD's in the other contest I'd of given one also to Jay who recommended The Stone Tape, just because they were so close. Ultimately though it came down to the fact that Something Evil is entirely out of print which makes it really obscure, especially for a Spielberg film. Now it's just a matter of being able to find the film and watch it.

Thank you to all those who entered, it made me life a little better. I'll probably at some point or another watch all the recommended films as they all managed to be obscure and intriguing. If you still want a copy of the DVD there's a couple ways to go about it. The first is click the banner above this post to purchase a DVD of the film or as it is available for digital download.

The other way is entering my second contest. I'm giving away two DVD's so your chances are even better. Actually outstanding as like last time no one has yet to enter. Here is the official contest page. But a quick summary, all you have to do is write a mini review of the film Black Sabbath and send it to me. It is due Tuesday August Seventh and a I'll also promote the blog/site/twitter account of anyone who enters. So you win a little bit either way.

Thanks again for all the entrants and for all the support.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three Stories...Two DVD's

The Perfect House Getaway (or as it really is The Perfect House DVD contest) has officially ended with four contributions. I'll be reviewing the films over the next few days to see which one is the most obscure. I'll of course justify my reasoning and the winner will be announced either tomorrow or Thursday.

I have two more DVD's to giveaway though that does not mean two more contests. That means one more contest with two possible winners. This contest is a little more difficult and I'll give you a two week deadline to submit so that you have more time.

As I used you last time to help me find a new TD review, I shall use you this time for my own personal reviews. If you are a follower to my blog you'll notice a good solid three months without a review posted, if your not I'll update you and say I haven't posted a review in three months. Not including the Horror Shorts. This is due to a lack of energy and time to watch and write a review weekly. I'm aiming for an August re-start but we'll see. 

Anyways the contest isn't too complicated. Since The Perfect House is an anthology film and it is the reason this contest even exist the contest is to write a mini review for one of my favorite Italian horror anthology films, Black Sabbath. Before everyone panics the review no where near needs to be as long as mine are and you don't have to follow my format (summary, plot/horror, acting/cinematography, misc stuff/closing). Simply I want a micro review of each story in the film (for those who haven't seen it there is three).

Here are the rules:

~ A micro review of the film Black Sabbath
~ The review must address all three short stories in the film, "The Wurdalak", "The Drop of Water", and "The Telephone", as well as a mention of Boris Karlof as the host.
~ Minimum of one paragraph (lets say seven sentences) and a maximum of three (so no more than twenty one sentences total)
~ The review format is entirely up to you
~ You don't have to love the film or hate it to win
~ You don't have to be a follower of my blog to contribute
~ The film review is due Tuesday August 7th

Send your review to my email address at with the the subject being Black Sabbath Micro Review. As I mentioned in the rules you don't have to like the film to win, if you hate it that's fine. My judgement of the review will not be how much you agree with me on the film but how well your review is written and such. So basically it's an English contest. But with two winners so it's not too bad if your the only two that enter.

Also there's a bonus prize...for everyone who participates. I'll post your Micro reviews on my blog with a link to your site or blog or twitter. Therefore even in doing the work and not winning you'll have at the least a link for those who did read the review and did like it. You get more followers and I have an excuse to be lazy for the next two weeks, I believe it works out fair. And don't stress too much on the technical merit of your review, I'm not an editor and half my stuff is a grammatical holocaust so don't worry that much. The most important part is likely the voice and in how you present your opinion. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Perfect House DVD Contest

Before anyone freaks out don't worry that Advertisement won't be up there long. I'm just going to run it through the three to four weeks of contest that I'm having and it's basically there for those of you who are interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD if you don't win one of the three free copies I have to give away.

Speaking of which, as of this moment no one has yet to enter, which is not good. You still got a good five days to enter and as I said at this moment even if you recommended me Insidious your chances of winning are awesome with the overall lack of participation in this contest.

To refresh your memory here's the contest:

~ Recommend me an Obscure Haunted House film for my TD reviews
~ Leave your film in the comment section
~ One film per person
~ Don't have to be a follower on my blog to enter
~ The contest ends Monday July 23rd

The contest is easy. Maybe some of the hesitation is that I'm giving away an Independent film that none of you have seen. While I don't have review right at this moment (it's coming) the two I've seen on IMDB tell you to see it, as well as the review on, which of course isn't past mentioning is flaws but encourages you to support indie filmmakers. And in this case you don't even have to do can support them for free.

Remember you may contact me at if you have any questions or want to submit your film recommendation that way it works too. You may also do it on twitter account.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TDHorror Retro Review

Not my favorite review and I'm late on it, as usual. But it's up.


"The horror itself is in Ivy's very intense episodes of living in Audrey Rose's last moments and more so when her father settles her down. Rather chilling and a discomfort to the senses as your not sure how to feel about Hopkins character. Also a great aspect to the film is the father's ability to never appear in a clear lens. Often I was convinced that he was insane and made it up as he went along. But the acting is so exceptional that its hard to doubt him"

As usual you may read the rest here.

I have a few updates to share with you, since I'm here and all. First I'm running a contest for the film The Perfect House, in which you have a chance to win a copy of the DVD for free. All you have to do is recommend me an Obscure Haunted House film (for my next TDHorror review of course, because I'm too lazy to do it on my own) in the comment section and you'll already be at exceptional odds to win. Meaning which even if you recommend the most known and common haunted house film, like Poltergeist, you'll already be in the lead. Because no one has commented. So please do it. I would love you forever if you did. Here's the link that'll lead you to the post with the rules.

Next today is July 17th. Know what that means? Midnight Son is on DVD. If you don't recall or are new to this blog Midnight Son made my Top Five Films for 2011 at Truly Disturbing, and was the film I got to see at the Mile High Horror Film Festival. You can get the film at Walmart or order it off of Amazon. If you don't recall I called Midnight Son "basically a sublime film that I want to own". And now I can.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Perfect House Getaway

I'm doing a DVD giveaway. I know the title says Getaway but dammit I cannot afford to send myself on vacation let alone you. I apologize. Anyways, I was contacted last week by Mona Elyafi at ILDK Media to participate in a DVD giveaway for the film The Perfect House.

"Written/Produced by Kris Hulbert and Co-directed by the latter and Randy Kent, "The Perfect House" retraces the horrific history of a seemingly perfect house via three separate tales of horror skillfully bound together by one principal frame plot and one central character: the (perfect) house. Each of the three short stories  - "The Storm", "Chi-ken" and "Dinner Guest" - about previous home owners are inspired by the genre's most famous time periods."

I have three DVD's to giveaway and there is no such catch or anything. These DVD's were simply given to me for this purpose only and I have no intent of trying to earn money off you in such way. It's simply a contest. To be honest I'm not sure how this gonna work seeing how I have only forty one (new one today!) followers and less than half that in comments. Therefore if any of you are even reading is beyond me but we can give it a shot.

The contest is simple. As you know I'm a Retro Reviewer for Truly Disturbing. Often part of my struggle at getting a review on that site is my lack of good Retro films to review. Of course I watch old horror movies on a daily basis but I don't want to post just anything. And some of the stuff I've been posting recently has seemed at little to 'known' for what I originally intended. The first DVD will go to the person who finds me the most Obscure Haunted House film, in honor of the film in title. I likely won't have time to watch all the films (that is if anyone even enters) therefore the IMDB page better be convincing at the obscurity to the film. For example if you were to recommend something like Ghoulies don't get your hopes at winning, but when you whip out something like DeathBed: The Bed that Eats than you have a better chance at getting a free DVD.

The rules:

 - One film recommendation per person.
 - If two people recommend the same film the person who leaves the comment first gets it.
 - Leave your film in the comment section below. 
 - You don't have to be a follower on my blog to win.
 - You have until next Monday to enter. 

This contest looks pretty crappy doesn't it, and it's obvious that I'm using you as a pawn to do my job. But you can get over it because your getting a free DVD for it. This is the first of three contests and I'm hoping they get more difficult as they go along but we'll see. Also look out for a review of the film in a few weeks from now. If you have any questions you can contact me at

Press Release: Gratwick Films’ “The Perfect House” Coming To DVD And VOD On July 17, 2012


Gratwick Films proudly announces the DVD and VOD release of its trailblazing, buzz-heavy anthology indie horror film The Perfect House, a gruesome, in your-face real raw horror flick about a dream-house with a hidden dark past.
Starting July 17 fans around the world will have a chance to experience one of the best indie horror films on DVD and VOD through all major online platforms including Facebook,, among numerous other distribution outlets.  
Written/Produced by Kris Hulbert and Co-directed by the latter and Randy Kent, "The Perfect House" retraces the horrific history of a seemingly perfect house via three separate tales of horror skillfully bound together by one principal frame plot and one central character: the (perfect) house. Each of the three short stories  - "The Storm", "Chi-ken" and "Dinner Guest" - about previous home owners are inspired by the genre's most famous time periods.

Unlike any other films, "The Perfect House" delivers a uniquely endearing homage to the horror brand. The film stars an ensemble cast including Chris Raab, Andrea Vahl, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin, Holly Green, and Dustin Stevenson, among others.

"The Perfect House" not only marked the official feature directorial debut of Buffalo (NY) native Kris Hulbert, but also made cinematic history in filmmaking as the world' s first indie feature film to ever premiere on an independent-movie distribution platform built for Facebook. The film is a testament to the true indie spirit of filmmaking.

To celebrate the July 17 DVD and VOD release date of The Perfect House, producer Andrea Vahl and filmmaker Kris Hulbert of Gratwick Films are giving away TWO copies of the DVD.   Gratwick Films is also giving away a free DVD to Facebook fans every day throughout the entire month of July.  An exclusive special 2012 comic-con DVD edition is also available for purchase until July 23.

“The Perfect House” is available to buy/watch at:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

For irrelevant news I bought a NES. Why? Because I saw a youtube video of the old school Friday the 13th NES game and realized how much I wanted to play it. Don't worry I only spent thirty bucks on both the game and the Retro Top Loader Console system, I didn't go too spontaneous (Trust me, it could of been worse). 

I've been nostalgic for my childhood video game systems lately. A NES is actually a little before my time but Nintendo 64's are unreasonably expensive and I'm not into Playstation all that much. Therefor I bought a game system that I'm not even sure is a true to gamer's heart NES but I know that you can play NES off it. Which is all I care about, as I'm not a video game connoisseur. Now if I was purchasing a Suspiria double feature set I'd be a little bit more picky about what the special edition entails. This however I just wanted to play for fun. 

I'm sure a good set of you are wondering why the fuck she wasted a minute and twenty four seconds of your life reading this post. And the truth is I have no answer. This quite possibly could be the most irrelevant post of all the irrelevant post Friday's. But it is Friday the 13th, the last one of the year, and I had to post something. 

Happy Irrelevant Post Friday/Follow Friday/Friday the 13th. Whichever is relevant to you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Press Release: Evil Has a New Address..."The Perfect House"

I'm temporarily returning (I know, try to contain the excitement) to do not only a review on this film BUT a DVD giveaway. I'm not sure yet if it'll be at TD or here but keep back for updates. I also have a horror short for you this Sunday and a surprise review in two to three weeks. As well as the Retro Review next week. So please keep back to get more details. And I wanted to say thank you to the followers who still joined my blog despite a painful lack of review postings. I think I've had more press releases than anything. Either or thank you, it still makes me spazz with excitement.

The Perfect Horror Movie With The Perfect Terror Tale 
Of The Perfect Dream House With The Not-So Perfect Past!

A “high Tech” Guerilla Filmmaking Approach, 21st Century Style!

Lots of films are made without money, studio backing, Hollywood contacts or professional actors every year, but very few have the polish and cache of Gratwick Films groundbreaking independent feature film "The Perfect House".

"The Perfect House" not only marks the official feature directorial debut of Buffalo (NY) native Kris Hulbert, but also makes cinematic history in filmmaking as the world' s first indie feature film to ever premiere on an independent-movie distribution platform built for Facebook.

The first film to officially virally debut on the hugely popular social media platform (Facebook), "The Perfect House" has been touted as the trailblazing film that has redefined the traditional methods with regards to standard Hollywood channels of distribution in today's entertainment landscape. 

Having already garnered a legion of fans, the overnight sensation online full-length film has undeniably become the talk of cyberspace, instantly developing a following that has now taken a life of its own. Currently available on Facebook for only $3, "The Perfect House" (a Gratwick Films Production) is continuing its successful interactive run. It will next  be released on DVD July 17 and on VOD (with a never-seen-before behind the scene documentary) on October 1, 2012, through all major online platforms including Facebook,,, among numerous other distribution outlets.  

Pioneering the concept and use of “vertical integration” from the idea to the method of consumption, Hulbert along with Gratwick Films business partner Andrea Vahl are – much like the Steve Jobs’ of the world – spearheading THE novel distribution model of the future. A model centered on the artist as a viable independent entrepreneur and not a slave to the studio system and its corporate distribution tycoons. 

Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a house by its owner! That, in a nutshell, is the premise of the film that currently has cyberspace wrapped around its fingers. 
It’s a riveting, visually intense, psychological examination of what real life horror is – the capacity for evil that hides within each of us yet remains anonymous. Shedding light on what the human spirit can ultimately destroy, endure and overcome, the film focuses on the nonsensical, random, at times ruthless and fundamentally relative aspects of true real horror. 

Written/Produced by Kris Hubert and Co-directed by the latter and Randy Kent, "The Perfect House" is the buzz-heavy anthology horror movie about a dream-house with a hidden dark past. The film features an ensemble cast including Jonathan Tiersten, Andrea Vahl, Chris Raab aka "Raab Himself", Will Robertson, John Philbin, Becky Friedman, Hans Hernke, Holly Greene, Dustin Stevens, Jamie Lee Baker and Angelina Leigh, to name a few.

Shot guerilla style on a micro budget with no Hollywood contacts, on location in Buffalo, in the impressive span of just fourteen days, the film retraces the horrific history of a seemingly perfect house via three separate stories skillfully bound together by one principal frame plot and one central character: the (perfect) house.

Providing three unique tales of horror - subtitled in order of appearance: "The Storm", Chi-ken" and "Dinner Guest" - Hulbert brilliantly creates a captivatingly dramatic unity that organically holds the multiple plot lines together and flawlessly carry the momentum throughout the entire film leaving the viewer with a sense of completeness. 
The DYI filmmaking approach certainly didn’t deter Hulbert and his entire team from delivering a fantastic feature film that more than successfully legitimately competes with big-budget Hollywood motion pictures in quality and storytelling.  

But more than a craftily executed filmmaking technique that is both intentionally avoiding the traditional typical three-act structure, and challenging the basic principles of screenwriting by voluntarily writing a story with no character names or defined location, what the film fundamentally delivers is a uniquely endearing homage to the horror genre. 
“The Perfect House” is a real horror movie that takes the standard Hollywood formula for this filmmaking style, kicks it to the curb with an in-your-face real raw horror. 

Unlike any other films, "The Perfect House" successfully runs through all the horror-movie genre's signature styles of three specific time period of horror: the 60-70s black & white off-camera violence suspense ("The Storm"), the classic 80's slasher with dark humor mixed in and crazed unstoppable killer on the loose ("Chi-ken"), and modern day graphically disturbing massacre with icy cold feel and the brutal unrelenting conclusion ("Dinner Guest"). With that in mind, everything from the plot of the stories, the lighting, the shot selection, all the way through the post sound and color correction was specifically designed around the objective of faithfully adhering to the established styles and standards of these different sub-genres of horror.

Yet perhaps what makes "The Perfect House" even more so effectively terrifying is the real grisly tale of the story behind the story. A film that refuses to fit the norm, "The Perfect House" takes a radical departure from what seems to have been the general consensus not only in front of the cameras but also behind the scenes. 

When Kris Hulbert set sail to Buffalo to make his first co-directorial effort, he had one simple goal in mind: to turn his short film "Dinner Guest" into a full length feature film.     To keep the shoot extremely cost effective he ingeniously elaborated a high concept story based on the grassroots approach of utilizing what was available: a single free location (his grandfather's house in Buffalo), friends and family who made up the initial investors, and the committed dedication of passionate actors to play his characters. 

The film comports an equal mix of recognizable Hollywood talent with fresh faces and local talent from Western New York.  The result is an impressive collaborative effort from both cast/crew members who all, ultimately, were an integral part of the overall process, not to mention, took a giant leap of faith to be part of this extraordinary cinematic experience, albeit one that offered small monetary compensation privileging instead budget-spending on high-tech professional equipment. 

The lack of experience, they all commonly shared not only allowed for a strong feeling of camaraderie on set –one that also transpires onscreen – but also became the greatest asset of the filmmaking process as everyone got rid of the ego involved in shooting, instead leaving space for collaborative creativity and experimentation. 

A behind the scene story almost too good to be true! Yet what Kris didn't know was how that seemingly perfect true Hollywood fairy tale type of story would quickly turn into a real nightmare. Ironically, much like his fictional "Perfect House"' has, underneath it all, more stories to tell, there's also more to this phenomenal filmmaking journey than meets the eye. 

For Hulbert the task of recovering his producers’ operating and investment costs and securing a major distribution deal proved to be more daunting then first assumed. 
Learning to swim in the shark tank that is the ferociously unscrupulous Hollywood money-driven machine, Hulbert endured – post making of “The Perfect House” phase – his own real life horror, namely the political, bureaucratic, corporate and individual corruption of the studio distribution system. But as the saying goes: It’s not the destination but the journey that counts – especially when the journey has become the ultimate modern day tale of the classic story of David v. Goliath. And who doesn’t like routing for the “underdog?”

In many ways, “The Perfect House” can be seen as cathartic for the young filmmaker. On and off the screen, the film became, literally and figuratively speaking, a very real and disturbing manifestation of true horror for Hulbert. 

While major distribution deals were pouring in, notably an offer for the film at the Cannes Film festival, Hulbert and his team opted to walk away, whilst standing up to the politics and personal agendas of the corrupt corporate executive trope. Returning with more conviction than ever before to his initial self-distribution motif, Hulbert confidently stands as one of the first visionary artists to declare his own indie revolution on corporate Hollywood.

Kris Hulbert still remains at the forefront of the next generation of filmmakers. Sticking to his “high-tech guerilla” business and production model via Gratwick Films, the avant-garde storyteller and entrepreneur is securely cementing his status as an enduring talent who has pioneered a new wave of filmmaking where a no-to-low budget equals just as many opportunities and possibilities for distribution and release as a multi-million dollar film.  

“With a focus on responsible filmmaking our goal is to eliminate the “clutter” and build a more direct and intimate relationship with our fans.” says Hulbert, “In the era of rampant piracy, We intend to make it not only cheaper and more convenient, but more engaging and personal to support our brand of entertainment.”

And “The Perfect House” is only the beginning!


For more information visit: