Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three Stories...Two DVD's

The Perfect House Getaway (or as it really is The Perfect House DVD contest) has officially ended with four contributions. I'll be reviewing the films over the next few days to see which one is the most obscure. I'll of course justify my reasoning and the winner will be announced either tomorrow or Thursday.

I have two more DVD's to giveaway though that does not mean two more contests. That means one more contest with two possible winners. This contest is a little more difficult and I'll give you a two week deadline to submit so that you have more time.

As I used you last time to help me find a new TD review, I shall use you this time for my own personal reviews. If you are a follower to my blog you'll notice a good solid three months without a review posted, if your not I'll update you and say I haven't posted a review in three months. Not including the Horror Shorts. This is due to a lack of energy and time to watch and write a review weekly. I'm aiming for an August re-start but we'll see. 

Anyways the contest isn't too complicated. Since The Perfect House is an anthology film and it is the reason this contest even exist the contest is to write a mini review for one of my favorite Italian horror anthology films, Black Sabbath. Before everyone panics the review no where near needs to be as long as mine are and you don't have to follow my format (summary, plot/horror, acting/cinematography, misc stuff/closing). Simply I want a micro review of each story in the film (for those who haven't seen it there is three).

Here are the rules:

~ A micro review of the film Black Sabbath
~ The review must address all three short stories in the film, "The Wurdalak", "The Drop of Water", and "The Telephone", as well as a mention of Boris Karlof as the host.
~ Minimum of one paragraph (lets say seven sentences) and a maximum of three (so no more than twenty one sentences total)
~ The review format is entirely up to you
~ You don't have to love the film or hate it to win
~ You don't have to be a follower of my blog to contribute
~ The film review is due Tuesday August 7th

Send your review to my email address at bleedingdead22@yahoo.com with the the subject being Black Sabbath Micro Review. As I mentioned in the rules you don't have to like the film to win, if you hate it that's fine. My judgement of the review will not be how much you agree with me on the film but how well your review is written and such. So basically it's an English contest. But with two winners so it's not too bad if your the only two that enter.

Also there's a bonus prize...for everyone who participates. I'll post your Micro reviews on my blog with a link to your site or blog or twitter. Therefore even in doing the work and not winning you'll have at the least a link for those who did read the review and did like it. You get more followers and I have an excuse to be lazy for the next two weeks, I believe it works out fair. And don't stress too much on the technical merit of your review, I'm not an editor and half my stuff is a grammatical holocaust so don't worry that much. The most important part is likely the voice and in how you present your opinion. 

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