Friday, January 17, 2014

Wordpress, The Great and Powerful - WRITERS WANTED

Let's not be coy with this, I haven't posted anything in months. I've been busy as I'm sure most of you all know life is often complicated and time consuming which has limited me in most respects to never posting. I'm also lazy which is a contributing factor. And I hate blogger which doesn't help at all. I mentioned a few months ago about seriously considering moving my blog to wordpress. I still have full intent to do so and I've been slowly working on the site. I'd like it to be up in full by mid February or early March. Now before I get to the Writers Wanted portion of this, you know me I must ramble first. 

Of course its not just a matter of moving the blog from one platform to another, it is also a matter of discarding what doesn't work and focusing the site more. This blog started out of my boredom but has attracted, to my great surprise, several talented independent filmmakers. Indie films are basically my second genre love to horror. I was one of those geeky kids who watched IFC (back when it wasn't full of shit) on Friday nights instead of going out like a normal teenager. I've always felt that while I love writing openly in my blog there's not much to distinguish it between every other horror blog on the internet these days. And since I want to help the Independent Horror Community more since I believe they offer more original and daring material I thought I'd just reinvent The Bleeding Dead from personal horror blog to a site for Indie Horror. Right now because I'm poor my URL will be accompanied by but if all goes well and the site is actually viewed I'll start paying for a real domain name. 

Now to the relevant part. I am starting school this semester and I still have a part time job that I depend on for rent and to pay for my pets. I have several films set to be reviewed for the new wordpress site but I want this to be more than a film review blog. I want it to have Independent horror news, books, games, all of it. I want it to be a Bloody Disgusting (alright maybe not that big) for Independent Horror films. That's where I seek out the help of you.

I'm looking for SEVERAL writers who are interested in being a contributor to The Bleeding Dead. How to contribute? It's easy! Send me an email ( with the position you are seeking in the subject line and a sample of your writing. Below is a list of the different types of writers I am seeking with a little more detail as to what I'm looking for. I'd prefer if the sample you sent me was in relevance to what your applying for but I'll honestly accept anything. 

News Correspondent - Mostly press releases and articles about up and coming, films, books, games, pre-production etc in Independent Horror. Looking for 1-2 people.

Book Reviewer - I've gotten a few request to review people's novels in the past but since I can never find time to read my own books I'll never get to this. This is aimed for lesser known authors who feature their work on twitter. Also I would like a separate entry for kindle only novels and short stories as those are kind of the bulk of the independent writing community these days. Seeking 2 people for this. 

Game Reviewer - Apps, computer games, etc. I'm don't have much knowledge when it comes to video gaming, I play but things like Sims and Mario Party. So this is really all on you and how you would like to approach it. 

Event Correspondent - Not required to attend but to locate and provide information, for filmmakers and fans alike of upcoming screenings, film festivals, and other Independent horror related events. Only need 1 person for this.

For everyone else who just read this because they were bored I appreciate you taking the time and hope you follow me to wordpress. Happy Irrelevant Post Friday/Follow Friday. Whichever is relevant to you.