Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

For irrelevant news I bought a NES. Why? Because I saw a youtube video of the old school Friday the 13th NES game and realized how much I wanted to play it. Don't worry I only spent thirty bucks on both the game and the Retro Top Loader Console system, I didn't go too spontaneous (Trust me, it could of been worse). 

I've been nostalgic for my childhood video game systems lately. A NES is actually a little before my time but Nintendo 64's are unreasonably expensive and I'm not into Playstation all that much. Therefor I bought a game system that I'm not even sure is a true to gamer's heart NES but I know that you can play NES off it. Which is all I care about, as I'm not a video game connoisseur. Now if I was purchasing a Suspiria double feature set I'd be a little bit more picky about what the special edition entails. This however I just wanted to play for fun. 

I'm sure a good set of you are wondering why the fuck she wasted a minute and twenty four seconds of your life reading this post. And the truth is I have no answer. This quite possibly could be the most irrelevant post of all the irrelevant post Friday's. But it is Friday the 13th, the last one of the year, and I had to post something. 

Happy Irrelevant Post Friday/Follow Friday/Friday the 13th. Whichever is relevant to you.

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