Monday, July 16, 2012

The Perfect House Getaway

I'm doing a DVD giveaway. I know the title says Getaway but dammit I cannot afford to send myself on vacation let alone you. I apologize. Anyways, I was contacted last week by Mona Elyafi at ILDK Media to participate in a DVD giveaway for the film The Perfect House.

"Written/Produced by Kris Hulbert and Co-directed by the latter and Randy Kent, "The Perfect House" retraces the horrific history of a seemingly perfect house via three separate tales of horror skillfully bound together by one principal frame plot and one central character: the (perfect) house. Each of the three short stories  - "The Storm", "Chi-ken" and "Dinner Guest" - about previous home owners are inspired by the genre's most famous time periods."

I have three DVD's to giveaway and there is no such catch or anything. These DVD's were simply given to me for this purpose only and I have no intent of trying to earn money off you in such way. It's simply a contest. To be honest I'm not sure how this gonna work seeing how I have only forty one (new one today!) followers and less than half that in comments. Therefore if any of you are even reading is beyond me but we can give it a shot.

The contest is simple. As you know I'm a Retro Reviewer for Truly Disturbing. Often part of my struggle at getting a review on that site is my lack of good Retro films to review. Of course I watch old horror movies on a daily basis but I don't want to post just anything. And some of the stuff I've been posting recently has seemed at little to 'known' for what I originally intended. The first DVD will go to the person who finds me the most Obscure Haunted House film, in honor of the film in title. I likely won't have time to watch all the films (that is if anyone even enters) therefore the IMDB page better be convincing at the obscurity to the film. For example if you were to recommend something like Ghoulies don't get your hopes at winning, but when you whip out something like DeathBed: The Bed that Eats than you have a better chance at getting a free DVD.

The rules:

 - One film recommendation per person.
 - If two people recommend the same film the person who leaves the comment first gets it.
 - Leave your film in the comment section below. 
 - You don't have to be a follower on my blog to win.
 - You have until next Monday to enter. 

This contest looks pretty crappy doesn't it, and it's obvious that I'm using you as a pawn to do my job. But you can get over it because your getting a free DVD for it. This is the first of three contests and I'm hoping they get more difficult as they go along but we'll see. Also look out for a review of the film in a few weeks from now. If you have any questions you can contact me at


Jay said...

The Stone Tape (1972)

Jay said...

The Stone Tape (1972)

Not sure if it posted first time, sorry.

Unknown said...

The Sentinel, great film by Michael Winner

Unknown said...

The Sentinel, a great '70's film from Michael Winner

Bleeding Dead said...

Thanks for the entries guys, the contest winner is in the post link below. As well as details for my second contest for those who didn't win and still want a DVD.