Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TDHorror Retro Review

I know, you didn't think I was going to do it. You didn't think that I would actually get another review out by the end of this month. It's rare talent a procrastinator like myself has, waiting till the last minute. How's your Halloween been? Oh mine? Well I've sufficiently cut myself at work this morning, pissed a table off enough to give me a ten percent tip, likely damaged the relationship between my boyfriend's father and I, and managed to trigger my social anxiety. Sounds like every other Halloween. It's okay though because I'm at home watching movies now and plan to do so for the rest of the night. Maybe even do some editing on my short story. Whatever, I have another Retro Review. I watched this film a month ago and I was finishing the review this morning so I'm unsure about it. Not bad but the summary is awful.

"As the description may suggest PUMPKINHEAD is a slightly complex low budget horror film that offers a few nostalgic scares for its viewers. By complex I don't mean to imply it has necessary themes and layers but rather is able to evoke emotions from its audience, atypical for most horror films outside of scaring. There's a somber aura as the context is really quite depressing. No one really wins at the end of PUMPKINHEAD, there's a resolution but it's more inevitably sad than of a victory type. This isn't a pure slasher film either, as some try to suggest, it's an effortless blend of a monster movie and the popular slasher films for its era"

You may read the rest here. I'm going to try to have a review out to you guys real soon. I have like three started but not finished reviews....lets be honest I have like ten that I could post if I just got my shit together and broke through the writers block I have with them. But I will. And the horror shorts and of course I'll be doing a special Thanksgiving review...Blood Freak 2? If only it existed...

Happy Halloween. 

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