Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Real Life Horror: Car Accidents

As the day may be I got in my first car accident today. Before I continue further no one was hurt, the other passenger and I are okay. Unfortunately though it was my fault. I was distracted while driving and ran a red light on accident. I was paying attention to the road but my mind was in other places, so luckily I braked which didn't cause much worse to happen. I did hit his car though, damaging his wheel, but essentially wrecking the front of mine. At the most I'm upset and angry at myself for the happening. He was somewhat helpful but seemed more irked that I hit him than anything. Which he has a right too be.

There's not much reason to this post I suppose outside that its to remind people that accidents happen and to drive safely. I also was going to post a review this Thursday but it wont be up until next week with all this stuff happening. But as I said the main reason of this is to remind people that real life horror happens everyday, luckily mine didn't end a lot worse than it could have.

Just a reminder to be safe.

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