Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Blog

Kind of want to see this now.

There's quite a bit of self indulgence in the end of year for blogs that post about their favorite films and accomplishments, what have you. I'm here to thoroughly keep the self centered tradition in place. But not by much. As I've really only been true to heart blogging for five months now. Mostly this is just an update as to where this blog is going and my thoughts on certain matters. It's kind of like a New Years resolution but not. This was intended for last Friday but you know me if I was consistent or on time with anything the world would be at a loss. Basically what I was here to address was changes I hoped to make to the blog in addition to adding another weekly review. The latter won't be for a while but I'll briefly discuss it. Not to tease you too much. Or more like tease myself, since a good portion of you still don't read.

First off I apologize if I've been more snarky the past couple of weeks. My work has demanded me more giving me less time to write, less time to edit, and less time to filter the shit that seeps out of my head at times. Intentionally absurd reviews like Blood Freak are okay but when I make threats and start calling people stupid for not reading another blog you know I'm losing sleep, even if it is true. Basically I need to prioritize better. In addition to this blog and my job I need to make time for the TDHorror reviews, a review for another blog who I promised like back in November that I'd do, sleep, watch more movies, and attend to my chubby dog who needs to go on weekly walks.

TrulyDisturbing asked me to do a Top Ten Best and Worst list of 2011 for their site and I'm not going to lie I was thrown off. I don't watch a lot of newer films and I found myself short a worst candidate. But that didn't compare to some of the entries I put in. Chilerama probably doesn't deserve a worst place spot, that'll be next Thursday's review but I didn't hate it at all, I just didn't like it. But as mentioned I didn't have a large list to go off of therefor it suffered. Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that most of the list was premature (except Midnight Son, I loved that movie why has no one else mentioned it?!) and I apologize to the films that made it.

As a group effort we need more comments and views. Don't get me wrong I love all twenty seven of you, even the silent followers but a comment every now and then wouldn't hurt. Even if its to say that I suck. At least I know someone is reading. Even though my page views have drastically increased since last year a good portion of them, no like eighty five percent of them come from google images. Impressively The Crow review has shot up to the top most viewed posts in the three or so weeks it's been up, all from google of course. It currently has seventy some views, but no comments.

This is a picture I used when I posted my story online.
A more personal resolution is I need to get back to writing my own stuff. All my writing time is dedicated to this site and I've been neglecting my original work quite a bit. However as I mentioned I want to start doing two reviews a week, or at least on a temporary basis for this blog and I don't know how that and my own writing will get along. It's hazy as of this moment but we'll see where it goes.

And finally that picture of the naked chick you see above the archives is my button. You may use it if you'd like, you don't have to tell me but it would brighten my day severely if you do so. Also you will see an increase in your page views because I will, more or less, stalk your page at least once a day just so I can see it on something besides my own. So it's really a win for both of us if you ask me. Though this may be construed as bitchy I mean it in the most respectful way. If you do use my button to promote my blog on your site/blog it doesn't necessarily mean I will return the gesture. It's just that doing that tends to get out of hand and I especially don't care to be promoting a cooking blog on my horror blog because the author used the button on their site. Don't let that suggest though that I won't promote your blog on my site, because I will. But it has to be to my interest and to my liking.

Basically though I did want to say thank you for reading as much as you do. Even if it's just a glance. You don't have any idea how much it means that someone is interested in what I have to say, despite it's lack of professionalism and bitter insight. Hope you stick with me.

- Bleeding Dead (Or Danielle, as my first name has now been leaked)


Unknown said...

Commenting...commenting....hey I love your blog. But seriously, keep up the good work and I look forward to more reviews from you. Looking forward to the Chillerama review...will that be here or on TD? And man do I understand your desire for comments haha, I set up a new fancy comment system and still don't get any comments :( lol. I'll be hanging out here commenting more for ya :)

P.S. While I'm here I'm gonna grab your button, don't feel obliged, but mine's available on my page as well ;)

Bleeding Dead said...

It'll be on here. The TD reviews are any film older than 1999. Next one for them will be Basket Case. And I'll try to comment more on yours as well haha. I always mean too but never end up doing so.

Thanks :) And I was gonna steal your button when I sent you my first review. Put it under I also write for...

Thank you for the comment :))