Monday, October 18, 2010

Boyfriend's with Fangs

Yay for Mondays, and I'm sick. As I'm sure how it was last week if anyone is reading this (still no followers) they could care less of my current state of health/life but I figure I'd inform anyways.

In all honesty you can't turn a corner without running into a vampire these days. Not literally of course but basically they are everywhere. Its not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, we go through this media vampire craze once a decade. Hopefully the next one will be held off for till 2020 due to the late release dates of the the Twilight movies, gag me. If you are a Twilight fan I'm disappointed to inform you that I will not be slurring Edward Cullen's name on this list anywhere. What is this weeks list may you ask? If you haven't guessed it my Top Five Favorite Vampire Movies.

#5 The Hamiiltons (2006)

This is part of the After Dark Horror Fest, the first year (the best year might I say), and my favorite out of the 8 films. A lot of people don't care for it in the sense that it's not lucid horror, it's subtle in it's approach. The gore is minimum and there isn't any moments where you blatantly scared, yet it's very disturbing by the portrayal of the dysfunctional family. Unfortunately though even listing it gives away a massive spoiler since you don't find out that they are vampires until the last ten minutes, sorry. But if there is anything to keep you going you still don't know what Lenny is.

#4 Near Dark (1987)

Cult horror film Near Dark is unique in the sense that it plays with very traditional vampire mythology (i.e. the sunlight burns, one bite can turn you, etc) but also changes it a bit with how to rid the disease entirely. Not to mention it's story following five vampires on the run, traveling across the desert in a RV, endows originality as well. The best scene is in the bar where Bill Paxton (love him in this) and Lance Henriksen brutally kill all the patrons, partially for food but mostly for fun.

#3 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Quentin Tarantino's and Robert Rodriguez edition to the horror vampire films is this exalted movie. What I love most about it is how at first it appears to be a crime-drama/action movie about a pair of notorious crime brothers but randomly out of nowhere just becomes about survivors mission to kill all the vampires left in the bar. And honestly it comes out of nowhere. Tarantino's script, with Rodriguez directing, and a great cast; George Clooney, Juliet Lewis, Harvey Keitel, Tom Savini, and Danny Trejo.

#2 Let the Right One In (2008)

Let the Right One In is, IMO, one of the best vampire films ever made, and that goes beyond my personal taste. Basically I watch two types of film genre's mostly, horror and indie, and that goes without saying that those genres aren't always high in quality, therefor not all of my favorite movies are high in quality. Let the Right One In is the exception, the Swedish horror film is both scary and touching as it deals with Oskar growing up, as well as Eli. The later is the horror of the film as she can be both sweet and evil. She's no bigger than a twelve year old yet she kills grown men for food. Similar to the Hamiltons it's not in your face horror, in fact its more a character based story than it is a horror movie. But no less it is a vampire movie so it qualifies on my list.

#1 The Lost Boys (1987)

I don't really know how to convey The Lost Boys in a single paragraph. It's almost impossible to try but to basically touch on the main points it's funny, Corey Haim as the comic book nerd brother is the center of the humor. But so are the vampire hunting Frog Brothers, as well as Michael and Sam's grandfather. Kiefer Sutherland is an staggeringly great villain. Diane Wiest and Dee Wallace have always, for me, tied as best movie mom. It has traditional vampire mythology, really going back old school by including vampires not being able to be seen in the mirror and cold water burning. There's a fair amount of blood. And it doesn't, unlike some of that decade, horribly reek of bad 80's fashion. I love the Lost Boys, I believe it was the biggest contributor to the 80's vampire craze which makes sense because unlike some of the modern vampire movies today, it's actually good.

Honorable mentions. I'm not a huge vampire fan to tell you the truth, while I do love them and I've openly admitted I'm addicted to True Blood, as you may have gathered from the first list I'm more of a zombie whore than I am vampire slut. But I do have two others that didn't make the list. Underworld (2003) the vampires vs werewolves, or likens are they are called, movie that's got a lot of blood, and for you male fans Kate Beckinsale in a tight outfit. And 30 Days of Night (2007), beautifully bloody film that plays the hidden victims game.

If your reading post your own.

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