Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's Be Honest

This blog is on hiatus. I'm been trying to hold off and avoid the issue for a really long time but I can't lie to myself or you anymore and yeah I'm temporarily not posting anything. This should be obvious as my last review was almost a month ago. I'll still be doing one TD review a month, hopefully two if I get my shit together. So if you wanna check back for that.

It's just been a really bad past month and this month, being the first of June, started off horribly. I work all the time now and I often don't even have the brain function to write a review. Also my personal life went to shit and it's just hard to deal with right now so I feel its best to take a break from things and get it all back together.

I'm not leaving this blog. Or quitting on it. Hopefully none of you will either. My goal is August. But right now I just need to get myself together. I hope you stay with me and watch lots of scary movies in my absence.

- Bleeding Dead

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