Friday, June 22, 2012

Blight Night

It's Friday, happy Irrelevant Post/Follow Friday, first off. Second I was on a podcast! I'm excited about it, and a little happy that even though I'm not posting anything people still check out my blog occasionally. The podcast is Blight Night, episode nine, and is hosted by Rigarmorty. You may follow him on twitter or his blog that gives you links and a summery of his podcast. His shows can also be downloaded on Itunes. Last week my blogger/twitter friend Drymonema was on it. So you listen to that one as well.

I'm not directly on the show, as in you cannot hear my voice. But he talks briefly about my blog and a little bit for Truly Disturbing. He does get my sex confused but that's alright most people are still unsure that I am a female. Regardless expect an update in six weeks where he follows up the show with six questions for me. 

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