Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Irrelevant Follow Friday Miseries

I'm about 99% sure that the title is beyond grammatical correction. Before I get on with Irrelevant Post Friday, as I now prefer to call it, I want to thank my seven followers who keeping me from getting into another discouraged four month dry spell where I write nothing. Not only them but the people on twitter who give me encouraging bits and also keep me updated in the horror society. I'm always at a loss for a more poetic appreciation which is intended to convey my absolute gratitude so all I really have to say is Thanks. But one day I will write a deserving thank you.

Either or I thought for this irrelevant post I'd share a little bit of information with you in regards to my blog. I've been checking my stats and I've found a fascinating piece of information. My blog gets most of its traffic, not from twitter, but rather from people googling the word Misery. 

My Feelings Exactly Kathy Bates
It's from my Master's of Horror post that I did for the Top Five lists for the month of October. It makes me laugh that most people come across my blog when they are typing the word misery in google images, to acquire a picture of sadness, no doubt, and instead come here. It's almost ironic, at least from my point. It's the most viewed blog entry because of that and I'm kind of glad because it was my favorite top five, or rather ten, list and one of my more adequately written posts.

Regardless of how they find it I'm just in bliss that they do. Happy Follow Friday, or Irrelevant Post Friday. Whichever is relevant to you. 

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