Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Purge Contest - Raise Your Hand for a Creepy Mask

Universal's The Purge will open nationwide in theaters tomorrow and in order to prepare you for the twelve hours of terror I'm hosting a contest. I was supplied with a giveaway package from Universal, via PartnersHub, to give away to one of my readers.

The contest is fairly simple and requires two parts:

1) Click on the Survive the Night app below and take the quiz to find out if you'd make it on Purge night, then share the results with me in the comment section.

2) Also in the comment section name the scariest home invasion scene you believe to exist in cinema. Leave the film name, a small description of the scene, and a small explanation as to why it's scary.

What do you stand to win? A tee-shirt and a your own mask for Purge night.

Rules, Guidelines, Comments:

- By home I don't mean its limited to a physical house. Scenes involving campers, hotel rooms, etc are all welcome.

- By small I mean one to three sentences, I'm not looking for an essay.

- While I am hosting for I am not an affiliate of Universal so while naming a scene from the film The Purge is allowed it does not guarantee you a win.

-  Repeats are inevitable and you may list a film someone has already mentioned.

- Winner is decided by me based on how well you've backed your pick and if you've included all the requirements.

- Contest deadline: Sunday, June 16th. Winner will be announced the following day.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I will survive the night!I still find the "Home"episode of X-Files very unsettling. The Peacock brothers pile into their car,listening to Johnny Mathis,& "go caveman" on the sheriff & his wife with baseball bats.

Bleeding Dead said...

Hey Anonymous,

You won! If you wanna email your address to me at I can contact Partnershub to send your prize. Thanks for entering!