Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TDHorror Retro Review

"Tod Browning’s notorious film to this day still considers as an outre and lurid masterpiece. The over the counter film is a breath of its own kind, as nothing will come quiet like it. The use of real sideshow performers as well as Willis Goldbeck’s script not only shocked audience but caused utter disgust for the film, essentially ending Browning’s career. The film’s ban was incentive by the outcry of unruly exploitation of the sideshow’s actors"

As usual you may read the rest here. Not just speaking for me or my reviews but for all the writers at TD we really appreciate comments, follows, retweets, whatever you can do to help the site. There's lots of great articles, daily horror news, and now a podcast which you may get for free on iTunes. A few updates for this blog as you may be wondering will I ever post a review on here again? Of course I will. This month I will attempt to write one by the end of the month but I have a special set of reviews for you that I'll be posting over the course of April and May and right now I'm contributing a lot of my writing time towards that. The horror shorts are returning this Sunday and the Italian film reviews will also be returning but I'm not quite sure when. And again I just want to thank everyone who's been supportive towards this blog, the retweets, simple glances, or those who despise it enough to tell me all of it is appreciated.

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