Friday, September 17, 2010

Open House (2010)

If your like me than your a True Blood fan and the draw to this was Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's names in the title. Although I hate to spoil anything think Janet Leigh and Drew Barrymore. I'd say five minutes total, and that's together. I'm guessing they were used as a marketing device to lure audience in to what would otherwise be an ignored film.

Aside from that and from not knowing anything about this film I came out liking it, for the most part. The plot lingers at the border of suspenseful thriller but it never truly picks up, yet somehow it remains interesting enough to where you have to watch it to the end. The original concept of it is decent enough, but the kills tend to be unmotivated and random. I also wished we had gotten bit more back story of our killers since they hinted at an interesting and possibly disturbing past but it doesn't get explored any further than a single conversation at the diner table.

The acting is good, especially from Brian Geraghty, whose relationship between his sister/girlfriend/wife (it's never fully explained) and the victim is the focus of the movie. If you're also a Burn Notice fan you'll recognize Tricia Helfer (Carla) who plays Brian's other half. Rachel Blanchard is also good as Alice, the victim and homeowner, but you're not going to see her face on the cover, which is sad considering she's as much of a character as David and Lila.

The gore was iffy since at one part, I swear, it looked like tomato soup. But the kills honestly keep your hold on the movie since it's a bit slow without them.

It's hard to say whether or not I can recommend this. Its not a bad film and not really all that awful for first time director Andrew Paquin (Anna's brother) but if your looking for a good thriller that draws you in this isn't the choice.

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