Monday, January 14, 2013

Press Release: The Angry Bros To Be Your New Late Night Horror Movie Hosts

Introducing the newest  horror movie host  sensation to hit the Omaha   metro since That other guy and continuing in the traditions of Count Gore DeVol, Elvira, and Svengoolie , the Angry Bros along with their  sexy  demon sidekicks the Devil sisters will scare the life  outta you while also tickling your funny bone.  

The Crew of undead funsters also includes Ghoulia Childz the “zombie chef” who’s always cooking up something   frightfully good in her kitchen of the living dead, last but not least is Trixie the sexy vampire that everyone wants to have take a bite out of them.  Viewers can expect   more great characters and more fun   than should be humanly possible.  The Angry Bros and their crew will be bringing you the best  in  grade b horror films,  such titles as Horror Express, The Tingler & The Last Man on Earth, if its grade b and bad how could it be anything but good?  You can also expect to see The Angry bros. in local fundraising events and other events as well.

So be sure to watch for the Angry Bros Omaha Shock O Rama appearing soon on Cox Cable Public Access channel 109 and search on You Tube for the Angry Bros and visit The Angry Bros.  website  at  and the  official Angry Bros blog at

The Angry Bros. are trying to bring back the Saturday Late night horror movie hosts , after too long an absence it is time that omaha got what it deserves and  it deserves the Angry Bros.

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