Thursday, May 10, 2012

Press Release: eRRatic Pictures Release

Not sure when I became a blog with press releases but I do like it. It makes me feel legit. Anyways I'll be checking this out, you should too. Looks to be a good thriller.

DIY-micro-flick company eRRatic Pictures is proud to announce the release of VIRUS, a new corporate psychological thriller on May 13.

VIRUS will be available for free streaming through and (including Spanish and Italian subtitled versions)
Four hours into Kevin's new job, a force lurking in the computer network threatens to destroy everything and everyone.

Filmed in Austin, TX Virus stars Heath Allyn, Sarah Clark, Derek Vandi, Brian Wayne, David Kroll, Stephanie Huettner, Michael Ferstenfeld, Heather Wallis, Micah Goodding, Mac N Dixon, Rudi Lee, Rudy Sandoval, Brian Villalobos, Liz Waters, Lesley O'Neal, Rosalie Oliveri, Jesse Campos and Steve Powers

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