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The Fake Five

The title is kind of crappy (get it The Fab Five...haha...not really) but I don't know what else to entitle it. I'm a bit out of snarky wit this week so you'll have to excuse my writing. Alright I'm aware that we got another five weeks before it's October and the real top five lists will start again, presumably on Mondays, but I feel bad that I only do about a post a week and the past seven(ish) have been all Freddy Krueger films. I have other weekly posts I'd like to have in addition to the reviews but I don't want to start them until I have more followers and maybe a steady flow of comments. By the way...thank you second follower <3 I'm forever grateful to you.

About a year ago when I was wasting my life away on the internet, as I always do, I came across an article about the Ten Best Re-cut Trailers. They introduced me to a whole other world, one in which I'd spend hours at a time watching youtube videos of faux trailers only to discover a whole site dedicated to them! . There's the great and the horrible, and all sorts in between. But I thought I'd help filter through the bad and post my Top Five Favorite Re-cuts Trailers.

#5 Stephen King's IT as a Family Film

Few things I ask from in these trailer re-cuts, the most prominent is the song change. In a normal trailer we usually only get between one a two songs and I stay firm on that, in order to make these believable the creators should stick to two songs, preferably one score and then a popular lyric song. I only bring this up because it ruins good trailers like the Shawshank Redemption re-cut. Thankful this trailer keeps the song consistent through out and knows what clips to use for that big instrumental bang that always manages to uplift. The trailer makes sense as you get a general consensus as to what the film's about and there's no clip that seems misplaced. The only downside I'd say to the trailer is the font (it could have more creative and fitting for a family film) and that Pennywise the Clown could be curing cancer and people would still think he's scary a shit. But that's not the creator fault, that's our societies hate for clowns fault, justifiable, but prevents them for ever coming into their true purpose; to make us laugh.

#4 The Terminator as a Romantic Drama

I know I just went off in a rant in the previous paragraph about song change, only to post this re-cut next which breaks the rules by using three songs, two lyrical. However; they transfer nicely and really add to the tone of the supposed complicated relationship between Sarah, Kyle, and the Terminator. The re-cut paints a very convincing love triangle that shockingly doesn't look too reminiscent of a bad romance, and even better while you can figure out what the film is about I found myself wondering who she end ends up with. Spare for an awkward moment at 1:05 and the re-cut is convincing.

#3 The Ring as a Tearjerker

The Ring is already part drama as it is but nothing so full on where it rings as an Academy Award winning film. This trailer creator though saw through that little girls creepy dark hair and saw what really is a tear wrenching indie film that sends a message about life and death (hence the scenes between the dad and his son). I love the art shot scene of the tree and the captions that entrust that it's a good film, in addition to the Focus Features background for the narration. I prefer text to voice over as most people aren't Mr. Moviefone but ultimately its how it works in the trailer, and the text works well here.

#2 Mary Poppins as a Horror Film

Few of these are actually convincing, and while I like the previous three they don't break the barrier of their movies where I'm convinced that its another film with all the same actors and sets but with a entirely different plot. Scary Mary is the exception, I believe it's a horror film and the creator Chris Rule managed to change the tone, making the film look dark and haunting. I have yet to see one as effectively scary as this. I wanted to see the film as soon as it was over but was rather disappointed knowning it doesn't exist. Altering Mary Poppins charming song to an daunting tune which poses as a warning for when she comes is brilliant and ultimately makes for a good trailer.

#1 The Shining as a Romantic Comedy

All it takes is a little Peter Gabriel and the Shining looks like a romantic comedy. This is where I genuinely wish they'd make trailers to divert the audience from their true nature. Could you imagine going into the Shining with the intent of seeing a uplifting romantic comedy, only to see Kubrick's violent display of madness? It'd be so funny. Or at least I'd laugh. Anyways this is my favorite because like the Scary Mary it seems legit, the transitions from clip to clip add that little touch of trailer realness. This re-cut has always made me laugh the most and I watch it when I'm in a bad mood. This is the first, I believe so, of the re-cut trailers and the most convincing, perfect in cut, perfect in song choice, and perfect in story altercation. AKA it's the perfect re-cut.

Honorable Mentions: Sleepless in Seattle, a fatal attraction thriller in which a woman becomes obsessed with a single father over the static of an all night radio show (, Mrs. Doubtfire a man's sick obsession takes him to an unthinkable level in order to be close to children (, The Shawshank Repedmtion two prision bound men find an unlikely romance in the confinements of their cells (

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