Friday, July 29, 2011

Sam Ash

Normally I don't like to do a lot of irrelevant posts because they are, well, exactly that, irrelevant. Not that I mind them on other blogs, because they are usually funny and such, but I felt that I needed to address this to my non existent audience.

I watch Burn Notice, which to my content has Bruce Campbell in it. Normally I don't look at him and think Ash! He's a good actor and it's easy to separate him from his horror nobility to his ex navy seals persona on the show. However; last night's episode he put on these cerebral looking glasses and I got a wave of Evil Dead. 

I don't know why, as Sam's uneasy tow truck cover doesn't really have anything in common with Ash's unhinged zombie killing personality (especially in that picture), but it happened. I couldn't really shake it for the rest of the episode, maybe it's just time for me to re-watch the series again, or maybe it's because I found out this week that Evil Dead 4 is a maybe.

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