Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Most Irrelevant Post Since Irrelevant Post Friday

If the title for this post and the title for the Midnight Son post got in a fight, I think this one would win on sheer stupidity. Though, it's hard to say as "How Do You Like Your Midnight Son Served?" is also fairly awful in the history of posts on this blog.

There's nothing more appropriate that to start an Irrelevant Post, that's on a Saturday mind you, than
an irrelevant comment about the titles of my blog posts going at it in a fight. This being the case as this post is really just random, most of it consisting of nonsense with a little of it actually having a purpose. I'll attend to the most important first and is that my computer went down this week and was just fixed today. I'm a little behind because of this, the two days I had off work I wasn't able to do anything constructive. But that being said it works now and I'll try to catch up as much as possible within the next week.

Next I do have five reviews for you that I plan on posting within this month and next. I also have three Horror Shorts, so check back on Sundays if you would like to read those. I'm basically just saying with this paragraph that I'm not dead, you know my usual excuse for absence. 

I've been debating about whether or not I should share this with you but you are my followers (or random google people who find me because of The Human Centipede) and I believe your opinion is just as important, if not more, as mine. I'm really considering of moving this blog. No actually I am moving this blog. At this point its the self-host vs the second party. Blogger is getting on my nerves. No, actually Google is getting on my nerves. But it's also just a matter, to be quite frank, to shit or get off the pot. Meaning that I'm serious about my writing. Not so much reviews as I do love writing them but I really need to start focusing on what I'd like to do with my writing and my own site might help this. Having a self hosted site would acquire a lot of work but I ultimately feel that I can organize it better with one. There's a lot of other reasons for it that I wont go into but this is something I'd very much appreciate input on.

Finally for some REAL irrelevancy I saw Jurassic Park 3D and you should go see it because it kicks ass. I've actually never seen a real 3D film (excluding those red and blue glasses, and the Terminator Ride at Universal Studios), so I was tripping out a bit because I didn't realize that the intent of it now is to make you feel like your actually in the film less than watching it. There's been a lot talk about this and the direction that cinema is taking, the masses are eager but us nostalgic movie lovers are in denial. I draw from it that I LOVED seeing Jurassic Park in 3D but only because I have seen it before and it was insane to watch it like that, I wouldn't watch a newer film, necessarily, because it distracts. That's just my two cents.

Honestly the intent of this post was that I felt away from this blog because of the computer breaking and just wanted to post something, even if it's just an Irrelevant Post...on a Saturday. Regardless enjoy your day and go see the new Evil Dead or Jurassic Park. Or save your money and see Zombie's Lords of Salem this week. Either or, happy Irrelevant Post Friday. Saturday.

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Philip Castor said...

It's funny, I disagree with you on Jurassic Park 3D. I thought that the 3D effects weren't very good and ruined a perfectly good movie. But that's just my opinion. lol