Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Night Whisper Lane - Horror Game Review & Mini Contest

I was asked a few weeks ago by Emanouel Pontikakis to review his game, Night Whisper Lane, for the app store. As it was with my Book Spine review I'm not much of a game reviewer but I agreed as it is a horror game and I'm always happy help. But I'm just inferring here that I'm not a game reviewer so please be gentle. How good this review will be is a matter of how well I can evaluate an app game for my IPhone.

Night Whisper Lane is a horror survival game in which your trapped inside a house that is littered with assorted objects that you need to find in order to escape. The game, developed by EPX Games, is a rather difficult play as random clicking is not always tolerated. Be mindful of the areas you going looking into for items as bombs, snakes, and other surprises await the button happy type player. This makes the game play a bit more careful and causes you to think more as where things will be hidden before you go tapping every surface of your screen. However your also impervious for the most part as dying just brings you back to the previous place you were, so there's not too much harm. 

The graphics for the app are pretty good, of course not the most realistic of details but fairly developed, especially considering the graphics of the past horror survival games I've played. The added touch of blood and nightmarish scenarios where you can get your head guillotined by a window are the horrors to the game story, as people turn up dead along the way. My only negatives with the game is I'd would of liked more of a response after clicking on an area, sometimes it'll show text and other times nothing. Night Whisper Lane is worth a purchase, it's creepy, fun, and will keep you occupied for a while, I have yet to beat the first scenario and there is more being released soon. Three half stars out of five. 

I do have a confession to make, I'm pretty bad at horror survival games. I'm confident that I'll survive the zombie Apocalypse, at least for a while that is, and I could give you a walk through of how to survive a slasher film but when it comes to finding items in a creepy location I'm just bad. I usually die, lets mention that, in the first moment I step in the house. I'm susceptible to booby traps as I'm a button masher. 

As it is though, I have a surprise for you. Little did you know when you clicked on this that not only is this a review but a chance to get the game for free. Yes, free. I have 20 promo codes to offer IPhone users who are interested in Night Whisper Lane. But atlas I cannot just give them out to you as that'd be too easy. But don't worry it's not too difficult to get a code. All I'm looking for is a comment in which you give me the name of a horror game, and the system in which you can play it on. This includes everything from old school NES to app games, etc. The only requirement is it must be horror and no repeats. So please read the comments above hand to make sure yours isn't already posted. The first 20 different games gets a promo code. Pretty simple right. Also please leave your email or twitter account so I can send you the code. If you not comfortable with leaving it in the comment section you can also email me at 

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Silent hill playstation 1,2, and 3. Amnesia on android phone and so much more but you only asked for one :)